Trend Forecast: Spring 2020 Colors You Need in Your Wardrobe

Spring Collection: Colors

Spring is the season of flowers, blooms, and bright nature-inspired colors no matter how you look at it. But, 2020 is throwing some unexpected shades into the mix, and there’s no better way to kiss the winter blues good-bye than with these picks for the season. Lulu Dharma presents the spring 2020 colors inspiring our latest wardrobe refresh.

A Touch of Blush

Think of this as the mature millennial pink, dipped in romance and drenched in richly-pigmented dreams. You might even describe it as a dusty rose: infinitely lady-like with a tousled wind-blown finish. It’s the perfect amalgam of subtle yet statement-making, sweet yet sassy, sleepy yet vibrant. If this color could match to a fragrance, it would be delicately feminine with a touch of coy flirtation.

In the world of color symbolism, pink and rose hues give a cue to softness, forgiveness, self-love, happiness, and joy. No wonder this color is popular in spring, a time of fresh starts and beginning again.

We love blush because it helps transition the all-black winter wardrobe to spring as we wait for the temperatures to catch up to our warm weather mindset. It’s beautiful as an accent color in a purse, hat, or boot. And, when spring finally arrives, it’s the perfect color for a button-down flowy top, drop earrings, or mid-rise pant. Check out some of our Lulu Dharma faves in beautiful blush tones our Dusty Pink Napa Vegan Tote and our Pink Classic Crossbody will leave others blushing for more.

Cognac is the New Neutral

Think of cognac as a sophisticated nude or essential neutral. It’s a warm yet brassy hue that works from ski lodge to shore side during the months when we can’t figure out if it’s still chilly out or if we should be sunbathing.

The warmth of cognac makes it easy on the eyes and easier to pair with all-black trousers as we transition out of winter, and even a clean and crisp white skirt when warmer temps make showing more skin a more welcome idea.

Like the liquor it’s named after, Spring 2020’s cognac runs the hue gamut from a cooler brown to a warm bronze. It has close ties to nature and the earth, with a subtle strength that symbolizes strength, stability, support, and of course, glitz and glamor to boot. If you’re working to attract more success in your life, make sure to add power-color cognac to your work wardrobe line-up.  Our Cognac Crossbody Bag and Cognac Vegan Leather Bucket Bag will be sure to warm up your fashion ensemble.

No Sugar, More Cream

Let’s get back to basics that are ANYTHING BUT basics. Cream is the predecessor to summer’s glaringly-crisp, sun-reflecting, all-white-is-welcome wardrobe. And, much like the other colors mentioned here, cream is the ultimate transition from winter to fall as we figure out how to make our trench coats work with slightly warmer temperatures. 

Cream is basically white with an infusion of brown to create a perfect hybrid that balances warmth with coolness. (No wonder it’s the ultimate transition color from cool-hued winter to warm-toned summer.) In color symbolism, cream is the sophisticated little sister of brown that invokes comfort, warmth, and calm, and holds all the beloved pure characteristics of its close-cousin, the color white, while stoking beloved memories of winter’s fire-side comfort.

How do you make this work? Lightweight (think silk, not knit) cream-colored scarves are a beautiful way to transition through the temperature changes while giving of a cozy vibe. A cream purse, like our Ivory Half Moon Woven Tote, paired with cream shoes can be the perfect offset to indigo jeans and a loose-fitting top.

Black Has it All

“I’ll stop wearing black when they make a darker color.” “Little black dress.” “Black has it all.” Everyone from Wednesday Adams to Coco Chanel have sung black’s praises. It’s not usually the color du jour for spring, but it does make a lot of sense. Our wardrobes are drenched in black during the winter—more so on the east coast where black can help hide everything from accidentally stepping in a puddle to a few extra holiday pounds.

Black is famously associated with less than happy moments of our lives. But, it also symbolizes strength, depth, elegance, authority, formality, and sophistication. It works in the boardroom and looks on-point as a bikini, making it an every-season essential that will have a long shelf-life in your wardrobe. 

The best way to work black in spring is with accessories. Punch it up with a colorful belt. Wear pastel-colored shoes for a flirty below-the-ankle pop of color. Pair it with a punched-up and vibrant clutch or purse, or that little black bag, our Black Classic Crossbody is the perfect way to add a touch of class. The beauty of black is that it makes a statement while also bringing attention to colorful pieces you’ll love to show off.

Back to (Almost) Black

Calling all ladies who cannot, will not, and just refuse to not pack away their love of black ensembles. We see you, and we understand. Black is the bestie when you feel like every other color is selling you out. But, black in summer (while chic) is just a recipe for over-heating. That’s why we present deep rich gray. 

Gray isn’t just cool, it’s COOL when it comes to color profiles. It checks all the boxes: it’s calm, it’s neutral, and it is statement-making. And, in a strange way, it makes more of a sophisticated statement than black because it’s not the obvious choice; rather, it’s a conscious fashion selection that challenges the norm and inspires the nouveau. Deep gray combines the best of both worlds—crisp and classic white with elegant and timeless black.

The ultimate way to make a subtle transition from winter to spring with gray accessories? Look to belts, statement necklaces, bracelets, purses, like our Light Gray Napa Vegan Leather Tote, and earrings.