Why Vegan Fashion Deserves Space in Your Closet

Vegan fashion evolved from the vegan food movement: a practice of abstaining from eating anything animal-based. Veganism is a lifestyle choice born of ethics, or dietary restrictions. Either way, the popular food movement has inspired a prevalent—and necessary—fashion movement.

In addition to rejecting the use of fur, leather, and animal-derived material, vegan fashion also stands for environmental consciousness and eco-friendliness. Many vegan designers are inspired to use recyclable materials, or turn single-use items or even industrial waste into wearable works of art.

At Lulu Dharma, vegan fashion is where cruelty-free and couture hinge together. We intentionally choose the best vegan, organic fabrics. Our eco-friendly faux leather clutches, purses, totes, and weekender bags are made of durable PU, the fabric du jour of ethical-focused fashion pieces. Flexible, durable, and eco-friendly, PU helps conserve the earth’s natural resources and decreases the need for fossil fuels. It’s also a designer’s dream, allowing for the freedom to craft sophisticated, high-end pieces while adhering to our ethos.

One of our favorite and most durable textiles is canvas. Sturdy and soft due to its woven structure, canvas is commonly made of hemp, cotton or linen. It’s longevity and affordability make it a reasonably priced and conscious choice. We especially love them for our vegan weekender bags that are both functional and affordable.