Carry On! Redefining the Weekender Bag for Women

Weekender Bag Blog

Yes, ladies, there is a bag out there originally stitched together just for gentlemen. It’s known as the weekender bag. Shocked because you’ve either purchased one, carried one, or turned your most-loved carry-all into one for a 3-day getaway? Don’t worry – we have you covered with the weekender bag for women. (We’ll get to that soon.) First, let’s take a quick walk down the fashion history runway.

The weekender bag is an amalgam between an unstructured (and somewhat unsophisticated) gym duffel bag and an over-structured, stuffy-and-cumbersome suitcase that’s too much for a mini holiday. Its goal: to make one look less like a commuter and more like an adventurer. The utilitarian piece for laid-back jet-setting works from office to airport effortlessly. And, it’s so essential, Esquire magazine has named its top 16 weekender bags for summer getaways, ranging from the most utilitarian to the most statement-making.

Fortunately, Harper’s Bazaar has its own list of winners…but they are wise to recognize the weekender is non-binary fashion and can—and has—been perfected for women.  

We’ve created the essential weekender bag for women: rich in style, light in nature, and oh-so-durable. It’s the ultimate expression of traveling light while keeping everything within hand’s reach. Effortless and the opposite of a stiff and cumbersome carry-on, the weekender bag works as an extension of your purse when you’re Friday workday must roll immediately into a fun getaway. Just like the weekender for men, the weekender bag for women is stylish, casual, and roomy—preventing that frustrating compromise between packing your comfy shoes or your sexiest stilettos.

As weekender bags for women rise in demand, Lulu Dharma is happily crafting affordable, one-of-a-kind vegan, organic fabric weekenders that suit every situation and style. Choose your statement to make: our black striped weekender bag in sturdy canvas is playful, chic, and ready for sea-side adventures. The navy blue woven weekender bag with faux leather handles and gold-toned protective feet is minimalistic and made to match every outfit you own. Simple and chic, the slate linen weekender makes us nostalgic for our last fall getaway to NYC. And, our raspberry linen weekender with soft, cheery fabric stands out in a sea of traditionally neutral luggage shades.