What’s Your Sign Style?

Zodiac Image - What's your style sign blogWhether you think astrology is just for fun or count on it to help you make decisions, your sign can say a lot about your style. And, it can help you shop for gifts that are the perfect fit.

All About Virgo

You’ll spot a Virgo because she never misses a spot. Her kitchen is immaculate and everything has a place. Furniture could pass the white glove test. Is that a dust bunny in the corner? No…your eyes are playing tricks on you because a Virgo would have already seen and vacuumed it up. Simply put, Virgos have a knack for getting stuff done. And, as your friend, you’ll love that she’s dependable, helpful, constructive, and a haven during troubling times. Some famous Virgos include Beyonce, Cameron Diaz, Sophia Loren, and Pink.

Virgos excel at analytical and technical activities because of their attention to detail. But, some Virgos can take this talent and mesh it with creativity to have the best of both worlds. Did she strike you as a little off-putting? She doesn’t mean to do so. She just knows her stuff and expects the same of you. She is who she is and she’s not going to change, but that’s why you love her. Part of knowing her means learning how to not take things personally, and to always remember that anything she says is just to bring out your best. 

Virgo’s style is inspired by her practical and authentic nature. She’ll obsess over our Virgo Zodiac Constellation Necklace is 14K gold-plated with CZ stone detail. She’ll love the practicality and simplicity of our Military Brown Clara Laser Cut Shoulder Bag. And, when she finally breaks away from work for a 3-weekend retreat, our Black Canvas Color Block Overnight Bag will coordinate with her sensibility and love of functionality.

All About Libra

Libras are hard to spot until you ask a declarative question. Try this: “What’s your favorite color?” If she freezes, looks around, and seems a little frightened to respond, you’re in the presence of a Libra. Libra is just and fair, and can make a case for every color in the rainbow and asking her to choose her favorite would mean she’s not giving the other colors their due. And that just wouldn’t. Be. Fair. To the sign of the scales, every color has its gift, and that’s how she keeps it all in balance. Some artistic Libras include Gwen Stefani, John Lennon, Lewis Capaldi, and Brigitte Bardot.

Libras love to be in love, love poetry and the arts, and love to vacillate between their feminine and masculine sides (again, balance). She exudes love, sophistication, and graceful charm. But she’d never tell you that. She’s either too shy or so perceptive she knows it would come off as snobbery. Poetic, elegant, and diplomatic, Libras tend to sense, see and feel things a little more acutely than the other signs. This only feeds their compassion, which makes them great friends.

She will adore our Libra Zodiac Constellation Necklace, especially if she hinted that she wanted it and you got it as a gift. Our Wine/Black Dual Vegan Leather Tote will suit her masculine and feminine side while preventing the difficult choice between black and brown. Libra loves all the feels, so give the ultra-sensory and soft Light Pink Ultra Suede Weekender Bag. In love with the classics, Libra will live for our Stewart Argyle Duffle Bag.

All About Scorpio

Is that sensuality in the air? No, you’re just standing next to a Scorpio. They attract and exude an almost irresistible appeal. Maybe it’s their ability to be patient, to wait for the right moment. Their self-control is impressive, and they have a proclivity for new experiences and adventures. It doesn’t hurt that they’re good-looking: a perfect mix of angelic and devilish. They’re in good company with the likes of famous scene-stealing Scorpios like Leonardo DiCaprio, Ryan Reynolds, Drake, Julia Roberts, and Penn Badgley.

A little bit rebellious, a little bit mysterious, and a lot intense, Scorpios are intensely loyal and keep the ones they love close. They’re fun to be around and usually up for anything, craving opportunities to explore and discover and see everything the world offers.

 Scorpios are proud and will appreciate a thoughtful gift like our Scorpio Zodiac Constellation Necklace. As water signs, the best thing you can do is give the gift of deep, rich, oceanic colors. They’ll adore our Smoky Quartz Ebony Silk Tie Intention Bracelet. Just as deep and mysterious as they are, our Navy Blue Woven Weekender Bag is a must for their wanderlust.

All About Sagittarius

Welcome to the now! Sagittarius has an impeccable knack for living in the moment with little stress over what’s past or what will come. They also do what they want when they want and have a strong need to explore and roam free. Self-reliant, they adhere to their own code of ethics and trust their instincts. But that doesn’t mean they’re selfish. They can be the most giving, the most sharing, and the most nurturing, especially in situations where they can use their strengths to rally for the underdog.

Sagittarius can have a bit of a knack for saying something that can hush a crowd. She doesn’t mean to cause any harm. She just says what she thinks in the moment and doesn’t worry about reading the room. Think of Miley Cyrus, Scarlett Johansson, Jay-Z, Tina Turner, and Katherine Heigl as their spirit animals. If you’re going shopping, Sagittarius is exactly who you want at your side. If something doesn’t flatter you, she’ll let you know. On the other hand, don’t you love that when something looks incredible, you can believe her when she says so?

Simple and stylish are keys to her style. She’ll adore our Sagittarius Zodiac Constellation Necklace. When it comes to her outspoken personality, you can go one of two ways: flatter it with our Red Flower Geometric Tote Bag and Fuchsia Vintage Velvet Weekend Bag, or mute it with our Slate Linen Weekender.

All About Capricorn

The next time you’re in a meeting, look around the table. Who seems the most determined, the most positive, the most skilled at making a seemingly dark situation look bright? You’ve just spotted a Capricorn. One of the most famous memes about this earth sign is if there’s ever a crisis she will go down partying. Does she have an infectious laugh? Does she bring out the best in you when you’re melancholy? Yes, that is her special gift as your friend. Drink in her enthusiasm and optimism—you’ll be better for it.

She’s probably an overachiever, thanks to the “aim high” archer being her symbol. But, this need to overachieve stems not from getting ahead but making it despite what may be perceived as disadvantages. And, she’ll adapt to the life she seeks without ever compromising. She’s a risk-taker but only after she’s done due diligence. Think along the likes of famous Capricorns including LeBron James, Zayn Malik, Elvis Presley, Kate Middleton, Diane von Furstenberg, and Michelle Obama. 

She’ll cherish our Capricorn Zodiac Constellation Necklace. Take note of her adventurous side by giving a Ocean Linen Weekender Bag. She’ll turn it into a piece she takes to the office every day. Capricorns love comfort and will love the beautiful ease of our Woven Vegan Leather Hip Pack. This will also partner well with her need for a piece as on-the-go as she.

All About Aquarius

Did someone just wear flip-flops to the office? And it’s NOT casual Friday? Say hello to Aquarius, the non-conformist, my-wardrobe-doesn’t-define-me-and-neither-does-this-job character. Maybe it’s because they’re governed by Uranus, known for innovation and surprise and unconventional thinking. Clever since birth, Aquarius can come off as a bit detached and aloof, but stick around for a bit and you’ll discover they are anything but. They love their friends and family deeply, and are highly compassionate.

Some say impatience is an Achilles foot, but for Aquarius, this impatience can lead to more innovative ways to do things. Seeking out alternatives to the status quo is their specialty and how they can channel their rebellious nature into a passion that helps others (see, they aren’t indifferent towards the well-being of others after all!). Just think of Ellen DeGeneres, Harry Styles, Ed Sheeran and Bob Marley, and you’ll have a pretty good understanding of the Aquarius credo.

She’ll appreciate a thoughtful gift that says, “you accept me for me” when you give the Aquarius Zodiac Constellation Necklace or the Amethyst Andalusia Black String Bracelet (her birthstone). Let’s think back to those flip flops. Aquarius seeks comfort and style, so give our vegan leather tote. Check frills at the door and opt for sleek simplicity with our Argyle Duffle Bag that, we’re betting match her favorite pair of socks.

All About Pisces

The only sign to rival the passionate sensuality of Scorpio is Pisces. And, they mirror the same magic and mystery, but it stems from a different place. Pisces passion only bubbles up when they make a true soul connection, as they don’t trust a lot of people yet have an intense need to express themselves. Rihanna, Justin Bieber, and Eva Mendes are some popular celebs who reside under the water sign.

Give gifts that are the color of the deep blue ocean, like our Blue and Taupe Reversible Clutch. And don’t forget about our Pisces Zodiac Constellation Necklace that goes oh-so-well with our Aqua Geometric Gemstone Earrings.  

All About Aries

Inspiring. Fun. Confident. Enthusiastic. What incredible quality does an Aries not possess? Her lucky color is red, which represents her fire element and ruling planet, Mars. Never one to be a wallflower, she loves to wear bright, bold colors to compliment her outgoing personality: think style icon Sarah Jessica Parker and glamor girl Reese Witherspoon.

Complement your Aries BFF with her power color with our Red Flower Geometric Tote Bag. And, surprise her with a statement-making Aries Zodiac Constellation Necklace.

All About Taurus

Let’s get down to earth. Taurus signs are incredibly grounded and practical, meaning they’re your go-to for support in rough or flighty times. You could even go so far as to call them a rock, or The Rock (a.k.a. Dwayne Johnson), whose physical appearance seems to match his Taurus personality. Lovers of comfort with strong viewpoints, Taurus’ are also fans of quality and classy style. Outfit your favorite Taurus in our Taurus Zodiac Constellation Necklace and earthy colors found in our Taupe/Black Dual Vegan Leather Tote that combines class and quality—a Taurus’ perfect match. 

All About Gemini

Will she, or won’t she? Should she, or shouldn’t she? Geminis are the sign of the twins, and it seems like the two sides are in constant struggle for power. This means you can count on your Gemini friend to be open-minded and adaptable. She loves doing up her outfits with accessories from rings and necklaces to scarves and hats. Smart as a whip, she loves to learn. So, outfit her style with our Wine/Black Dual Vegan Leather Tote that carries her laptop and books conveniently from class to class. Don’t forget to indulge her feminine side with our Aries Zodiac Constellation Necklace.

All About Cancer

You may have never met a more loyal and empathetic person than a Cancer. The sign of the crap loves to retreat into the protection of their shell, but will dare to poke their heads out to share love and compassion with the right person. Don’t even try to hide your emotions: they’ve already figured out how you feel long before you say a word. Famous Cancers include Ariana Grande, Post Malone, and Selena Gomez. Cancer loves to be active and craves comfortable clothes that let her do all the fun things she wants to do. Outfit your favorite Cancer in our Ink Square Belt Bag that carries all the essentials while keeping her hands free. And, she’s sure to love our Cancer Zodiac Constellation Necklace to express her softer side. 

All About Leo

How to spot a Leo: look for a beautiful cascading mane of thick hair that’s as lush as a lion’s. Leos have a ton of pride, are natural leaders, and are protective of their pride of friends and loved ones. You’ll see their firey side when they’re in love, and their power to capture the attention of an entire room just by entering. Need more proof? Madonna, Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Lopez, and Chris Hemsworth. Give Leo gifts that are sure to get her noticed, like our Leo Zodiac Constellation Necklace, Fuchsia Vintage Velvet Weekend Bag, and statement-making Black Onyx Alchemy Drop Gemstone Earrings.