As Seen On

Niki DeMartino wearing Lulu Dharms
Carrie Underwood wearing lulu dharma
forest whitaker_wearing-mala-necklace-lulu-dharma
shailene woodley wearing lulu dharma
Lihn Winn fashion blogger wearing Lilu dharma
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Goog morning America lulu dharma
Fashion bloggers wearing Lulu Dharma
fashion bloggers wearing lulu dharmafashion bloggers wearing Lulu Dharma
fashion bloggers wearing lulu dharma
fashion bloggers wearing lulu dharma
Lulu Dharma Jewelry

Similar to the articles that have been written about our trendy handbags and accessories, we also have a section for As Seen help you know who else is enjoying our products as much as you and what advertisements are depicting our products. If you’re not one to follow celebrities and enjoy having a style that’s not influenced by anyone else, you can enjoy seeing how other people have worn our trendy handbags and jewelry or how they’ve offset the beautiful colors and styles with their fashion choices.

When it comes to our pieces of jewelry, you can wear them in a variety of ways. In addition, our handbags and purses can be styled with your clothing with many outfits as well. However, sometimes you wake up to get ready for the day and you have no inspiration or idea on what to wear. By checking out the many different styles others have worn, or pieces of jewelry or how they’ve paired an outfit with a handbag, you’re able to look better, feel amazing, and always be inspired.

Our As Seen On…section is dedicated toward helping you see the many celebrities who have enjoyed our accessories. Everyone from Forrest Whittaker to Shailene Woodley is enjoying our mala necklaces, bracelets, and necklaces. What’s even more neat is Carrie Underwood has worn our wrap bracelets in live concert. We’ve also seen our accessories in various ads for Starbucks and other companies. You can even see a few glimpses of our purses in some advertisements and held by celebrities to show how trendy and fun they are to wear out and about.

Regardless of the style you have, our accessories and trendy handbags can be worn in many different styles by people who have many different interests. From the bohemian stylish woman to the more snazzy fashion-forward woman, any woman who likes to add a pop of color and style to their outfit can enjoy our products at Lulu Dharma.