“As an artist and an activist, my goal is to make beautiful things that improve how we live. I want to leave behind a positive legacy, by creating value for our customers while using unique materials that do not negatively impact our planet or the creatures that inhabit it.”
- Keri Lassalle - Founder and Designer of Lulu Dharma
Keri is a California native and seasoned fashion journalist with family roots in jewelry design. Her lifelong passion for beading necklaces for friends and family was practically a birthright, given to her by her Brazilian grandfather, a jewelry designer. She learned all about fashion on her feet in Paris and London as a celebrity and fashion journalist for Harper & Queen’s Magazine, GQ, and Cosmopolitan. 
In 2002, Keri moved back to California, where her family jewelry design legacy caught up with her. What was once a fun hobby of creating necklaces and bracelets found deeper meaning inspired by her studies in the healing arts and understanding of precious and semi-precious gemstones. Her pieces were individually crafted to support the wearer’s intention and inspire beauty and healing. It was not long before her designs were in high demand.
Keri’s unique, bohemian bag designs and scarves followed quickly on the heels of her jewelry collection success. Using only animal-friendly materials (including high quality, buttery soft vegan leathers, linen, and other unique materials), she created limited edition canvas print designs on overnight bags, weekender bags, and everyday totes while maintaining a deep commitment to integrity and sustainability.