Kale & Blue Diamond Tote Bag


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Brighten up your style with a glamorous tote bag.

  • You can now expect to fit all of your necessary items in this overnight tote bag due to the 17 x 12.5 x 6.5 bag size.
  • This kale and cerulean Modern Diamond Print tote is made of thick canvas.
  • If you want to save the earth and animals, then this tote bag is eco-friendly and vegan.

We are excited to introduce this new body and handles style for our overnight tote bag collection. This new style is to introduce some diversity to your wardrobe. Our eco-friendly, vegan tote bag is perfect to wear anywhere you go. The on-trend and unique Modern Diamond Print adds a splash of luxury and class. Additionally, the magnetic closure, inside zip pocket, water resistant lining, and the new faux leather brown handles make this handbag more versatile. Add some glamour and color to your life with this overnight tote bag.

  • The perfect bag for work
  • The ultimate bag for play
  • An essential bag for the gym
  • The best tote for essentials for the baby
  • Be prepared at the beach with this bag

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